I see you. I am sorry. I love you. I am trying 😥💔

I cried myself to sleep last night after being haunted by the heart shattering images and videos of yesterday’s accident from @torontopigsave and @sympathy_at_slaughter.

We have become so disillusioned from reality. The disconnect, ignorance and total disregard for other beings is unfathomable. We have victimized animals to such a degree that they are not even considered victims. They are not even considered at all. They are nothing. Their lives don’t count. They are not beings. They are commodities, products, machines.

A truck full of pigs en route to slaughter was overturned. For hours the pigs, laid on top of each other writhing in pain, crying in fear. Several dozens died in the truck, even more were injured. Some were able to escape and experience freedom, sunshine for a few fleeting moments before being smacked with electric paddles to join death row.

Activists and Sanctuaries pleaded for the pigs, so battered they were “unfit for processing”, to be spared to live out the rest of their terrorized lives in peace. But the requests were ignored. The injured pigs were shot and bulldozed to a dumpster.

Meanwhile on broken legs, bodies bruised and bloodied, the rest of the terrified truck mates walked a long distance to the slaughter house. There every single one was killed. Violently. Mercilessly.

This happens every day-by the millions. Their bodies chopped up so humans can consume their fear and stress ridden flesh. This is savage. This is hell. This is a holocaust. This is humanity. It’s not appealing or pretty. It’s hard to look at, read about. It’s uncomfortable and unsettling.

But I do think there’s a responsibility for those who still consume animals to witness the violence and suffering you are contributing to, paying for. It’s time to man up. Open your eyes. Watch it. Hear it. Feel it. These animals are crying out for help if you would only just listen. Notice their faces. Look into their eyes, see their soul. They were life cherishing, emotion feeling, heart beating, love seeking, sentient beings. Now gone. Forever. Make the connection. They deserve better.