A loose conversation about consumerism yesterday kept me awake last night. I began thinking of how my relationship with ‘stuff’ has shifted over the past year or so; recognizing that this is both a blessing and even a curse in some ways.

Losing attachment to the ‘things’ can be incredibly liberating. Enabling you to connect more deeply with your true self, coming to the realization that the people who truly love you, aren’t concerned with your torn up $15 boots or the greasy mess of hair piled on your head. You understand how a full wallet cannot mend a broken heart any more than a house full of things can ease the pain of loneliness.

This isn’t to say having a beautiful home or nice clothes is bad or shameful. But I do believe sometimes our preoccupation with ‘things’ labels, numbers etc. can cloud our vision to the raw, real beauty of the world, cast shadow on the light and divine that dwells within us and those around us.

On the contrary, it can be challenging to feel increasingly unmotivated by things like money and vanity. To feel a little detached from others who may not understand your indifference. Living simply is, quite simply, not so simple in today’s society.

I don’t really have an inspiring way to wrap up. I’m just wandering through my thoughts here. What I do know is that I am grateful to have a warm home, nourishing food and loving friends, family who nurture my soul and I am extremely grateful for all of you!