1. Shampoo & Conditioner

Shea Moisture makes wonderful hair, skin and beauty products with simple, plant based ingredients. They have so many different products and formulas depending on your hair type and needs. All ingredients are certified organic, natural and fair trade as well as sustainably sourced and produced, plant based, and non-toxic with no parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, DEA, petroleum, formaldehyde or propylene. Plus they are certified cruelty free and 10% of Shea Moisture sales go to one of their many charitable endeavors. Shea Mositure is affordable and readily available at major retailers like CVS, Target and I can almost always find it discounted at stores TJ Maxx and Marshalls too!

My favorite right now is the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner.


*vegan note: some Shea Moisture products do contain ‘sustainably sourced’ honey and palm

2. Hair Brush

I don’t own a blow dryer at the moment so I really only use a brush during and after the shower. Hence why my favorite brush right now is the Wet Brush. I love how effortlessly it detangles my mane. I have a lot of very fine hair which means lots of tangles and sometimes early stage dread locks – I really wish I was kidding. But somehow this magic wand weaves it’s way through the matted mess with ease. It’s definitely saved a lot of my hair from the brutal and harsh brushing I had to do with regular brushes.

3. Hair Serum

The Franklin & Whitman addiction is so real. If I could use only one beauty brand for the rest of my life it would undoubtably be F&W. Simple, clean, plant based, ingredients that are fair trade and cruelty free. Plus 5% of every sale is donated to animal rescue. This hair serum is light as a feather but tames frizz and fly aways while nourishing the hair and giving it the perfect subtle shine. I don’t style or blow dry my hair often but word on the street is this serum is also great for protecting your hair during heat styling too! Be sure to use code: PLANTBASED any time your shop at Frank & Whit to save 20% on your order.

4. Hair Mask 

Always and forever the Lani Hair Tropical Hair Treatment. It’s made with simple, tropical and organic ingredients and ALL of their products are 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free and 100% natural. This mask doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down and it smells absolutely heavenly!  I am a huge fan of Lani because they are so, so dedicated to the vegan movement and raising awareness for the voiceless victims of todays society.



5. Dry Shampoo

If you read  My Tips for Long, Strong and Healthy Hair I mentioned oil training to improve the look, strength and overall health of your hair and scalp. I recently got to sample Franklin & Whitman‘s new Dry Shampoo which will be released soon and damn – I wish I had this stuff when I was in the throws of oil training! I had to spoon out arrowroot starch and a little cacao powder as a natural dry shampoo because I couldn’t find one with simple, non-toxic ingredients. Like all of their products (as mentioned above) Franklin & Whitman’s Dry Shampoo has minimal, plant based ingredients that are vegan, cruelty free, fair trade and 5% of every sale is donated to animal rescue. And it smells incredible too! Be sure to use code: PLANTBASED any time your shop at Frank & Whit to save 20% on your order.